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    Who we are

    YMP Industry Ltd is the designer & manufacturer for Qi wireless charging solutions and all kinds of wireless chargers. As a member of WPC(Qi), we have our responsibility to popularize wireless charging to all over the world.

    What we do

    We specialize in designing housings and PCBA for your excellent consumer electronics.

    Our vision

    As wireless charging has been the trend in the past months since new iPhone8, 8+ and X came out, wireless charging solutions will be very popular in the following years. What we YMP would like to do is to add the wireless charging function to all kinds of consumer electronics such as table lamp, speaker, etc. Then all of us could get rid of wires while charging. That means wireless could make life more convenient!

    Advantages of our own resources

    Shenzhen is the forefront of the development of Chinese electronic products, which represents the highest level of development of China's electronic products industry. We have been working in Shenzhen for more than ten years. And have an extensive market, network, channel, and excellent team resources. These are our core advantages in carrying out your projects.