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Single Coil 5V-1A Transmitter Wireless Charger PCBA Patch

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single coil 5V-1A transmitter wireless charger PCBA patch

1. Performed standard: WPC V1.2

2. Adapter: 5V 2.0A

3. Output voltage: 4.5V~5.5V

4. Output power of receiver: 5W (5V 1A)

5. Charging distance: 3~10mm

6. PCBA Dimensions: ∮49*5mm (can be customized)

7. Coil dimensions: 45*2.3mm

8. Weight: 17g

9. Working frequency: 110K~205K

10. Foreign Object Damage protection(FOD)

11. Tranfer efficiency: >75%

12. Overcharge protection, thermal protection, short circuit protection

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