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Why Do Desktop Wireless Chargers Exist

2019-6-10      View:

Businessmen are characterized by busy working hours and frequent phone calls. Mobile phones consume electricity quickly, but they have to answer the work phone. Many people will have embarrassing moments, charging while picking up the phone on the desk to talk.

The basic way of office charging is to connect the data line to the computer, or to connect the data line to the mobile power supply. No matter what kind of charging method you take, it is inconvenient to answer the phone, and there are huge security risks. Every day, all kinds of news and cases remind us to cherish life and stay away from mobile phones in charge.

There are countless connecting data lines that can make the whole desktop look messy, and the twisted data lines are more intolerable to office people who like simplicity. I have to look for my cell phone on my messy desk. Oh, how annoying! If there is a charger that does not need to be plugged in and charged at will, the above troubles will not arise naturally.

Yixin Chuangyan team has spent one year, carefully developed and designed a desktop wireless charger, to solve all your worries and concerns.

Convenience, convenience and indispensability

There is it on the desktop. The mobile phone can be charged at will. When you want to answer the phone, you can pick it up and charge it at any time. You don't have to worry about the explosion of the mobile phone charging, or drill under the table to find a plug to charge it.

Unique design, high-end configuration

All-aluminium, multi-axis CNC processing, multi-forming, 100,000 turntable highlight; using anodic oxidation, not only bright color, but also smooth and delicate feel.

Built-in three coils, a wide range of reception, no deliberate alignment, mobile phone how arbitrary how to put.

Apples use the same technology to create every part of the product, which perfectly reflects the high end of the product.

High-efficiency switching power supply plus single-chip intelligent control technology makes it have the characteristics of wide input voltage, high charging efficiency and precise charging voltage control. High-end charger has perfect and reliable protection of short circuit, over current, over voltage and back connection, so it is safer and more secure to use.

Exclusive appearance, high-end customization

In addition to the above rigid requirements, the main features of the machine are high face value, desktop decoration, intelligent output adjustment and adaptation function of charging, high platform base type, matched with fashionable and dazzling color, and profound bat pattern. Whether you are at home, office or on the desk, it is a high-end decoration, that is, charging is indispensable. The necessities are also the decorations of your desktop.

You might say it's a little expensive. Of course, it's a little expensive for people who don't know about it, but it's not expensive for a person who loves work, life and the pursuit of high-quality products, because it can keep you away from the danger of cable depression and explosion.

If you want to know more about wireless charger consulting, you can scan to join our Wechat, we have a professional team to answer for you, if you are still hesitant, Yixin company welcomes you to try and experience at any time. If you are interested in our products, we welcome your joining or purchasing. Desktop wireless charger, the "companion" of your work, take it home!!