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What Do You Know About Buying a Wireless Charge

2019-6-25      View:

Do you know which way to choose your wireless charger?  What do you know about buying a wireless charger?

The first point is to recognize the QI standard.

There are currently two major international mainstream industry standards for wireless charging.  One is the QI standard of wireless power consortium (WPC) and the other is the AirFuel Alliance.  These two standards have unified regulations on the performance, technical parameters, compatibility and safety of wireless charging products, and have strict authentication standards.

Qi wireless charging standard is a very mature standard, which was implemented as early as 2008. Nowadays, many Android phones on the market use this standard.

The charging method does not need any wires, and the mobile phone equipment can be charged directly by placing it on the charging pad.

And now many mobile phones and wireless chargers are standard, so, no matter what kind of mobile phone you are, you can use this charger.  Even if you change your cell phone later, you can still use this charger.

There is also the choice of more than 10W power charger.  No matter what we do now, we pay attention to efficiency.  The speed of wireless charging is known to be relatively slow.  Wired charging is already fast charging.  However, it takes several hours for wireless charging to be fully charged.

One of the development directions of wireless charging in the future is definitely to increase the charging speed.  Therefore, it is necessary to buy a charger with high power.

When purchasing a wireless charger, you must choose one with controllable temperature.

There will be some power loss in the wireless charging process. The conversion of this part of power into heat will keep the mobile phone and wireless charger warm. A high-quality wireless charger can control the temperature below 40℃, which is warm to the touch and belongs to the normal range.  Moreover, the temperature control function of the wireless charger can enable the charger to automatically cut off power when the temperature is too high.

There is also a good wireless charger, its heat dissipation function is certainly better.  Heat dissipation equipment can also become our standard of choice.

When buying wireless chargers, we can also choose some professional brands produced by large factories.  In this way, there will be more security.

The principle of wireless charger seems simple, but its performance is very exquisite.  There are not only differences in charging efficiency, charging speed and charging temperature, but also performance differences in induction sensitivity, stability, safety, durability, overvoltage protection, foreign matter detection, etc.

Products with prices as low as 30 yuan can also have basic wireless charging function, but the performance and quality are much worse. The charging experience is greatly discounted, the service life is relatively short, the damage to mobile phones is relatively large, and even there are certain potential safety hazards.

Therefore, we should still choose the brand with better quality assurance when purchasing.  In this way, it is more comfortable to use.

How much is the final price?

Rich people want to buy Mophie and Belkin wireless chargers already on apple's website.  There is nothing wrong with this choice, after all, it is a personal hobby and choice.

But in fact, Apple's wireless charger is not much different from Qi wireless chargers around 100 yuan, a third-party brand, in terms of charging speed, color value design, etc.

Therefore, the price of conventional ordinary wireless chargers is about more than ten US dollars. Of course, if there are higher requirements for size, beauty and innovation, the price will be higher.

The structure, principle and material of the wireless charger are not complicated.  So its cost is not as high as we thought.

When choosing, it is mainly considered from the above aspects. It does not need to be too expensive, but it is also impossible to choose the cheap goods from small workshops.