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Why Do We Choose Wireless Chargers

2019-6-27      View:

As we all know, wireless chargers have been controversial since they were introduced.  Users have different opinions on it, some say it is good and convenient, others say it is very chicken ribs and not practical.

Why do we choose wireless chargers?

First of all, let's take a look at people's negative comments on it.  The first point is efficiency.  We all know that efficiency is very important in everything we do now, but the efficiency of wireless chargers is not very high. The best wireless chargers now take several hours to be fully charged.  In this way, it seems that wireless chargers really cannot compare with fast chargers in wired charging.

The second biggest problem is that we can't use cell phones while charging.  Although we are always talking about the harm of charging while playing with a mobile phone, we all use a mobile phone while charging.  Therefore, not being able to play with a mobile phone while charging will still cause some inconvenience to people.

Finally, it may be the price. We all know that wireless chargers are more expensive than wired chargers.  If the use of wireless chargers is subject to more restrictions, charging takes longer, and the price is higher, it does not have an advantage.

However, some things must be experienced in order to understand its advantages.

Let's talk about the advantages of wireless chargers.

First of all, it is more convenient to charge.  There is no need to plug or unplug the data cable, and the mobile phone can be charged when needed.  In the past, the wireless charger had to aim at the coil to charge. Now, the wireless charger can charge the mobile phone as long as the mobile phone is within the chargeable range. It does not need to take any effort to aim at it.  It is still very convenient to use.

Secondly, the function of wireless charger is not to fully charge your mobile phone at once, but to keep your mobile phone fully charged at all times.

We put the mobile phone on the charger when we don't use it, and it can charge itself.  If you need to use it, just pick it up, put it down and continue charging.  With a little charge, the electricity is always sufficient.

As long as you don't play with your mobile phone for more than ten hours, the wireless charger can meet all your needs.

Long-term charging of wired chargers will cause damage to mobile phones, while wireless chargers will automatically cut off power after full charging, ensuring that our mobile phone batteries will not be damaged.

So these advantages are the reason why we choose wireless charger.