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Do You Know About YMP-QI Car Wireless Charger

2019-6-28      View:

I think many people have the experience of driving while watching mobile navigation and charging again.

Apart from other people, drivers work all the time on the bus and they need to use their mobile phones for a long time.  This also means that they have to charge their mobile phones all the time, especially some drivers need to answer the phone frequently and use mobile navigation.

However, there will be wires everywhere in the car, and it looks very messy. Sometimes it is necessary to unplug the wires and recharge them when returning a message or answering a phone call, which is very distracting and easy to cause accidents.

YMP-QI car wireless charger is the necessary equipment for the old driver in the new era.  YMP-QI car wireless charger combines mobile phone bracket and wireless charging device into one, which is practical and convenient.  Artificial intelligence can sense automatically at close range, so it is convenient to use without distraction.  To answer the phone, you only need to press the answer key, and you don't need to take up and put down too many operation steps to make driving safer and family members more defensive.  Now the traffic itself is very crowded, not to mention all kinds of bicycles, electric cars and pedestrians who do not obey the traffic rules. It is very necessary to have a YMP-QI car wireless charger.

Why do you have to choose YMP-QI car wireless charger when choosing car wireless charger? When using car wireless charger, we mainly enjoy its safety and convenience, but we should also pay attention to the protection of mobile phones.

Although a mobile phone is not very expensive, changing it is still very troublesome.  YMP-QI car-mounted wireless charger has built-in multiple intelligent chip protection, and has overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, magnetic field protection, high temperature protection and short circuit protection for mobile phones.  Every detail is well done, and the double triangle fixed mode makes the mobile phone more stable and safer to drive.  YMP-QI car wireless charger is always available in the car, so your family can feel more at ease when you go out.

Our YMP-QI car wireless chargers are available in black, red, gold, silver and grey colors.  Output power is 10W, 7.5W and 5W, which are applicable to all mobile phones.  Its net weight is only 148g, it is small and does not block the view.  The material is heat-dissipating aluminum and nano-micro-absorption, and the quality is very guaranteed.

YMP-QI Car Wireless Charger C5S has added a free positioning function compared with C5, which can make our journey safer.

YMP-QI car-mounted wireless charger is characterized in that the emitting end adopts nano micro-absorbent adhesive, and the material has the advantages of strong adsorption, reusability and no harm to mobile phones.  Moreover, compared with magnetic attraction, nano-sized micro-absorbent adhesive has the following advantages.

1. Nanometer micro-absorption does not interfere with the electromagnetic signal of the mobile phone, and magnetic absorption will not only interfere with the electromagnetic signal of the mobile phone, but also magnetize the iron-containing components inside the mobile phone.

2. Magnetic attraction will lead to inaccurate navigation of the mobile phone, resulting in distortion of voice quality, operation of Catton, and serious data loss in the mobile phone.

3. Nano micro-absorbent adhesive is suitable for long-term use and will not damage internal components of mobile phones;  Long-term use of magnetic attraction will cause the screen of the mobile phone to be colored or black, and the mobile phone will crash intermittently until it is scrapped.

After reading the above, are you interested in this charger?  If you like, go to our official website to learn more details.