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What Are the Meanings and Benefits of Wireless Charging

2019-6-17      View:

Wireless charging technology is now very powerful, but there are still some limitations. For example, charging is not fast, at least much slower than fast charging in wired charging. Moreover, its power conversion rate is not 100%, there is a lot of extra power consumption. So why are so many people choosing?

We all know that the wireless charging market is relatively large, and the big market also shows that the development potential of this wireless charging is very large.

What is the meaning of wireless charging? What are the benefits of wireless charging? Let's see it together!

First, wireless charging relies on the charger rather than the charging line. The shape characteristics of the charger make it an ideal choice for public charging facilities - for example, Starbucks rumors that it is necessary to integrate the charger in the coffee table, and consumers can charge the phone by placing the phone on the desktop. Obviously, compared with the traditional charging pile, it not only eliminates the trouble of charging line loss, but also greatly improves the safety - the charging board is not afraid of water splashing, will not be black, perfect.

In addition to Starbucks, many mid- to high-end vehicles are now equipped with wireless charging pads - although it may not be charging quickly, people looking for a cigarette lighter or USB interface in the car will immediately understand how easy it is to use the wireless charging pad. !

Second, wireless chargers now support "one-to-many" charging modes compared to wired charging. As long as the area of the charging board is large enough, it can not only charge "one mobile phone, two earphones" like Apple AirPower, but also charge laptops, stereos, cameras, etc. at the same time. In this case, our desk will be cleaner and simpler.

Finally, as Apple said at a news conference, wireless charging technology has been in development for many years, and there are already many vendors supporting them - they include not only digital peripheral manufacturers, but also automakers such as Lexus, General Motors, and Toyota. Business. Even everyone. The familiar IKEA has products that support Qi wireless charging.

From our daily lives, wireless charging brings great convenience. Although it does not support playing mobile phones while charging, we are not always playing mobile phones. As long as you don't need a mobile phone now, you can charge it on the wireless charging pad.

The current wireless charging board is basically invisible, does not take up extra space, and our charger is basically flat, neither need to find the power jack, nor need to find the data line. very simple.

Previous charging boards also required the location of the phone and charger to match. The new charger now has no such problem at all, as long as the phone is placed within a certain range, it can be charged.

After reading this, are you interested in wireless charging? After all, technology makes our lives easier. We must use new things in time so that we can keep up with the times, not out of date.