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What Is the Standard for Wireless Chargers and How to Choose the Right Wireless Charger

2019-6-15      View:

What is the standard for wireless chargers and how do you choose the right wireless charger for you?

In today's society, efficiency, simplicity and timeliness are the choices and pursuits of many people. The wireless charging technology that emerged in this social context undoubtedly meets the above criteria. From this we can understand why wireless charging is developing so rapidly.

There seem to be a lot of wireless charging devices on the market. However, wireless chargers also have certain standards. Different wireless phones and electronic products use different wireless charging devices. So how do you choose the best wireless charging device? First, let's take a look at the standard for wireless charging. Then choose the wireless charging product that works best for us. Let's see it together!

Wireless charging device standard

1. 5W standard

The lumia series of mobile phones is the market leader first, followed by Samsung, LG and other brands to follow the upgrade development. As of now, many mobile phones on the market support 5W wireless charging. 5W wireless charging is generally based on the Qi-BPP (Baseline Power Profile) standard, so as long as there is Qi's LOGO on the wireless charger (as shown below), it must support 5W wireless charging power. The wireless charging method is an ordinary frequency modulation method and is the largest wireless charger on the market.

2. 7.5W standard

Currently, it mainly refers to the mobile phone standard of the iPhone series, as well as representatives of Xiaomi MIX2S and MIX3 (upgraded to 10W). The 7.5W iPhone requires a fixed frequency method, ie the transmitter coil must be operated at around 127.5KHz, so if your iPhone is charging with a wireless charger and there are several levels of voltage output on the adapter, if you can see it When the output voltage of the adapter is not 5V, it means that the wireless charger is charging 7.5W to the iPhone.

3. 10W standard

At present, the 10W fast charging standard mainly refers to the Samsung series mobile phone, as well as the Huawei P20 Porsche version, and also supports the hammer nut R1. There is also a 10W standard wireless charging protocol based on LG and Sony. Note5 and its flagship models support 10W standard wireless charging. Samsung's 10W wireless charging requires 9V and above. At the same time, no frequency is required. It does not require a fixed frequency. It is also acceptable to charge the phone with the inverter. It requires a response protocol that matches the boost voltage of the matching voltage. We often see the 9V1.67A parameter on the adapter, which is prepared for Samsung's 10W fast charging. As follows:

Standard 9V1.67A adapter standard QC3.0 adapter, maximum output 18W

4. 15W standard

At present, the 15W standard on the market is mainly a mobile phone represented by Huawei mate20 Pro. This type of mobile phone also requires two-way communication encryption instead of the Qi-EPP standard, which requires strict encryption protection. At present, only Huawei original wireless charger can support 15W fast charging. Its input voltage also requires high voltages such as 9V or 12V to charge quickly. In addition, Huawei mate20 Pro also supports reverse wireless charging.

As can be seen from the above information, although there are many wireless charging devices on the market, his standards are basically the same. Different standards of mobile phones are different. When purchasing a wireless charger, we must choose the one that best suits your product based on your mobile phone.

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