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What Are the Advantages, Scope, and Characteristics of Wireless Charging

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What are the advantages, scope, and characteristics of wireless charging?

We all know that the current wireless charging market is very good. There are also more and more people starting to use wireless chargers. More and more mobile phone brands are also beginning to support wireless charging design.

How is the wireless charger compared to the previous wired charger? What is the scope of the wireless charger? What are the advantages of wireless chargers compared to traditional chargers? Also, what are the characteristics of the wireless charger standard? Let's take a look at it!

 The scope of wireless charger:

1, for smart phones, tablet PCs, notebook computers, robots, children's smart products, outdoor sports products, special industry products, LED lights, etc.

2, small power DC power supply equipment

Such as: portable instrumentation, walkie-talkies, micro-portable computers, medical equipment, POS machines, emergency lights and small industrial equipment.

3. Consumer electronics

Such as: table lamp, mobile power wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, music player, portable intelligent electronic products, smart wearable products, robots, mobile phones, electronic cigarettes and other wireless charging products.

4, smart office and smart home

Such as: office, conference room, airport, cafe, restaurant, mall and other places wireless charging.

  Advantages of the wireless charger:

1, one-to-many charging

One charger can charge multiple loads, and one family can purchase one charger to meet the needs of the whole family. As the load increases, the work efficiency will also increase, thus saving power and reducing unnecessary expenses. .

2, convenience

Compared with the general charger, it reduces the trouble of plugging and unplugging, and also avoids the phenomenon that the interface is not suitable, the contact is bad, and the elderly can also be conveniently used.

3, intelligent

As long as the inductive load is placed on the charger, it can be automatically inductively charged. Through information feedback, when the inductive load is fully charged, the power is automatically turned off to realize the intelligent charging process.

Wireless charger standard features

1. A non-contact power transfer method from a pedestal to a portable device, the physical basis of which is near field electromagnetic induction between the coils.

2. Use a secondary (or receiving) coil to transmit approximately 5W of power.

3. The operating frequency range is 110Hz to 205kHz.

4. There are two ways to place a portable device on the surface of the base: one way is to place the portable device at a specified position on the surface of the base, the base provides energy through one or several fixed positions of the surface; free positioning allows the portable device Feel free to place on the surface of the charging station to provide energy from anywhere on the surface.

5, can achieve very low standby power, depending on the specific implementation.

6. Flexibility to integrate the system into portable devices.

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