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Will a High-Powered Wireless Charger Cause Damage to the Phone

2019-6-15      View:

The power of the mobile phone charger is large or small, that is, it can support fast charging or slow charging.
Our chargers are generally QC2.0 and above are rechargeable heads that can be fast-charged. The following are those that support slow charging. At the same time, the data line must match the adapter to achieve fast charging.
When wireless technology first entered our life, we started using 5W power, which means we can only charge the phone slowly. As our technology matures, the fast charge wireless charger also appears.
For example, there is a 10W 7.5W fast wireless charger, which is specially customized for Samsung and Apple phones. Samsung mobile phones need 10W of power to achieve fast charging, and Apple only needs 7.5W to meet the fast charging conditions.
Why does the wireless charger not provide a fast charge for Huawei mobile phones? The reason is still on the mobile phone itself. Huawei's mobile phone battery can only accept a maximum of 5W of power. If we use a larger power to charge Huawei's mobile phone, it will damage the life of the mobile phone battery.
To this end, YMP Yixin Chuangyan based on this problem, let the engineering team launched a universal wireless charger, its power is 10W compatible with 7.5W. and 5W. That is, you can fast charge or slow charge. The wireless charger can automatically charge the mobile phone with the built-in power, no need to worry about the battery life of the mobile phone.
In addition to the 10W power, now with 15W of power, can it really be 15W power from now on? Our engineers have specially experimented with 15W wireless charging, and the mobile phone can reach a large current when it starts charging. But it will continue to decline, so it is not the 15W power used at all, and then our mobile phone battery does not need 15W of power, contrary to the contrary is counterproductive.
Therefore, it is not necessary to choose a wireless charger with high power. If it is not suitable for the mobile phone, it will have a bad influence on the mobile phone.