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What Is the Future of Wireless Charging and What Is the Future Direction

2019-6-18      View:

There are a lot of controversies about wireless charging now, mostly on the issue of low power conversion and small range of use. What is the prospect of wireless charging? What are the challenges that wireless charging needs to break through in order to develop better? What will our final wireless charging technology look like? Let's take a look at the future development of wireless charging in the future!

The essence of this problem is that when wireless charging technology develops to a certain stage, after breaking through the bottleneck, wireless charging becomes a problem of true wireless power supply and wireless power transmission.

The difference between unlimited power supply and charging is that power supply can not only charge battery-type equipment, but also have the function of directly supplying power to various electrical appliances and electronic equipment. For example, in the future, desktop computers, monitors, printers, and other devices, with wireless power supply technology, can get rid of the constraints of the power cord and become an electrical appliance that can be used at any time. To achieve this purpose, the following points must be met technically:

1 、The power supply required is large enough. It is well known that most desktop appliances are powered by tens of watts. Breaking through this power supply bottleneck can effectively power these everyday electronic devices.

2 、Improve the efficiency of mutual conversion between magnetic energy and electric energy. The current standard loses a lot of energy, so together with the first item, it creates a dilemma of insufficient power supply efficiency.

3、 The transmission distance of wireless power supply is another difficult point. The existing wireless charging almost needs to be close to the transmitting end to work, which restricts the technology migration of many large-scale electrical appliances, if it can achieve tens of centimeters of transmission. Distance, then this technology will be more portable to a variety of appliances.

When the transmission distance reaches the level of meters, it can be developed to supply electric power to the electric vehicle, and even a WIFI-type power supply in the home can supply power for various types of electric equipment. If it reaches the kilometer level or even further, it can be arbitrarily transmitted as described by the subject.

4 、to solve the problem of radiation, the current technology, in order to achieve long-distance transmission, and to ensure power, magnetic resonance technology should be the most hopeful solution, but so far, the technology has not solved the problem of excessive radiation.

The development of wireless charging technology has a long way to go, and there are still many difficulties to overcome, but I believe that it will eventually serve us safely and efficiently, and will change our lives.