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How Is the Efficiency of Wireless Fast Charging and Whether There Is Radiation in Wireless Charging

2019-6-20      View:

Xiaobian yesterday when surfing the Internet, saw a netizen asking if the wireless charger will have radiation? Whether he will damage the phone and whether the process is safe. Of course, some people say that the charging process of the wireless charger is very slow. Are they true? Let's take a look at a series of questions about wireless charging and its security.

As we all know, the biggest advantage of wireless charging is that it can be charged at any time, no need to plug and unplug, convenient is the biggest selling point. Although there are many brands of wireless chargers, there are four main charging methods: electric field coupling, electromagnetic induction, magnetic field resonance and radio waves.

Electromagnetic induction is familiar to everyone and is a more widely used electromagnetic induction.

The principle of wireless charging is not complicated. In the case of electromagnetic induction, simply speaking, a current is passed through the coil, and a magnetic field generated by the coil induces a current coil to generate a current. The principle is simple and the technology is mature, which is a widely used technology.

Some netizens want to know how efficient wireless charging is? After all, it is said that the charging speed of wireless charging is relatively slow.

It must be said that in terms of efficiency, wireless charging and wired charging are incomparable, because currently wired fast charging has 30W, 40W high power fast charging, while wireless charging is mainly concentrated in 10W, 7.5W and 5W power. The advantage of wireless charging is that it can be charged by charging time to ensure the fragmentation time. After all, we are not always playing our mobile phone, wireless charging is not to quickly fill the phone, but to ensure that your phone is always sufficient, so slow charging is also acceptable.

Finally, what we are talking about is the security of wireless charging. This is also a concern of many people. Does wireless charging have radiation?

Wireless charging has radiation and most energy sources have radiation. However, wireless charging techniques are implemented using the principle of electromagnetic induction, although there is radiation but no ionizing radiation. When wireless charging is working, the radiation value is not high and there is no danger. Under normal circumstances, using a wireless charger will not harm your body.

The statement about the radiation network is actually alarmist. After all, the environment in which we live is a huge magnetic field. If there is radiation that is harmful to the human body, I don't think anyone can avoid it.

There are a lot of wireless chargers on the market, and if you are dazzled, you can filter the power of the wireless charger. Most Android supports 10W wireless, while the iPhone has 7.5W, so you can choose according to your phone. You can also choose high-power wireless charging in one step and continue to use it later.

In addition to the power supply, you can also choose whether there is fan cooling, long-distance housing charging, lighting control and other functions.

The most important thing to choose a wireless charger is to pay attention to quality and safety.

We have to see if the wireless charger has protection. When selecting a wireless charger, pay attention to whether there is foreign object detection, temperature protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, etc. Foreign matter detection can be identified in the presence of foreign matter to ensure safe charging; when the temperature is too high, temperature protection can be automatically powered off; overcurrent and overvoltage protection are also important.

Wireless charging is a trend. We need to understand it, distinguish it, and finally use it correctly so that it can bring convenience to our lives.