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Do You Know what the Latest Customizable Embedded Wireless Charger is Like

2019-6-21      View:

If you still don't know what wireless charging is, then you are too outdated.

Wireless charging has now entered our life and gradually spread to all aspects of our life.  They can be seen in homes, offices, cars, cafes and restaurants.

There are about 5 kinds of common wireless chargers in the market: gravity bracket car wireless charger, infrared induction wireless charger, desktop wireless charger, embedded wireless charger, car wireless charger.

I have used almost all the common five types of wireless chargers. For example, the gravity bracket car-mounted wireless charger and the infrared induction wireless charger are wireless chargers that can only be used on the car. Their use scenarios are very limited and cannot be moved. They can only be clamped at the air outlet of the car. There are limitations. Another problem is that if the quality of the infrared induction wireless charger is poor, the induction is not sensitive.

Desktop wireless charging should be better and more scenes should be used, for example, offices, homes, coffee shops, hotels and other places can be used.

YMP Industry Limited embedded wireless charger requires a ready-made 60MM hole in the desktop before it can be used, so that it can be perfectly hidden under the desktop without occupying the desk or affecting the office.

Therefore, this desktop embedded wireless charger is really especially suitable for office workers, of course, it is also especially suitable for furniture factories to customize such a table, because when the furniture is not finished, a 60MM hole opener can be used to make a hole in the table, so it is more convenient to install the embedded wireless charger in the future.

The two-in-one car-mounted wireless charger developed by YMP Industry Limited is very remarkable. It is not only a car-mounted wireless charger, but also a mobile phone holder. Besides being used in cars, it can also be used as a mobile phone holder and wireless charger in other places such as home and office.

In addition to the above functions, we can also customize your embedded wireless charger according to your needs.  For example, if you need to add GPS positioning function, we can add this function to your wireless charging.  In addition, we will do our best to fulfill your other requirements.

YMP Industry Limited supports OEM and ODM customization. We have a strong engineering team to serve you and meet all your requirements.  The quality is guaranteed, the price is reasonable, the quantity is large and there are many discounts.