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Car Wireless Charging, Have You Grasped the Business Opportunity

2019-5-17      View:

The wireless charger can work when put on the mobile phone and is easy to take, which is undoubtedly the trend of mobile phone charging in the future.  In fact, in addition to our common wireless charging on the desktop, for Qi wireless charging technology, the more intelligent use is car wireless charging.


At present, most of the car-mounted wireless chargers support air outlet mobile phone clips of various models, which make it convenient for us to navigate and talk with one hand while charging.  The left and right brackets of the vehicle-mounted wireless charger can be intelligently expanded and contracted, and the bottom is matched with a freely adjustable base, so that mobile phones with different sizes and specifications can be conveniently clamped, and shaking of the mobile phones can be effectively prevented.  The clamping seat of each bracket is provided with a thick silica gel cushion layer, which tightly locks the mobile phone and does not scratch the mobile phone at the same time.

YMP Industry Limited independently developed the vehicle-mounted wireless charging scheme to meet the market demand. Its appearance can be designed to support various models of air outlet mobile phone clips. Its main feature is the adoption of a pair of infrared emitters and receiving tubes.  The car wireless charger only needs 0.1S induction to start charging the mobile phone.

YMP Industry Limited Vehicle Wireless Charging Characteristics:

Infrared sensing, automatic expansion and contraction, support one-handed operation

Current: 5V/1A  5V/2A

Inductive distance: 0~8mm

Support foreign body detection, protection of high or low voltage, high or low current

Support specification: charging according to QI wireless charging protocol

Power: 10W/7.5W/5W Automatic Identification