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A Wireless Charger That Can Be Used As a Vase.

2019-6-29      View:

Before I saw this vase wireless charger, I could never imagine that the wireless charger could be made into a vase. It could be either a vase or a wireless charger.

The most common wireless chargers in the market are generally car wireless chargers, desktop wireless chargers, embedded wireless chargers, three-in-one wireless chargers, two-in-one desk lamp wireless chargers, etc.  There is little change and nothing new.

What makes us have such innovative ideas and design such fashionable and interesting products?  It is the fashion trend that inspires us to move forward.  Now people are not only satisfied with food and clothing, but also pay more attention to the emotional appeal of life and spiritual enjoyment.

In order to meet the needs of modern people for exquisite life, we finally decided to open the mold and make a wireless charger that can be used in families, cafes, hotels, exhibition halls, book bars and entertainment places.  This wireless charger is a vase wireless charger recently designed and developed by YMP Industry Limited.

Many modern people like to cultivate some flowers at home, which can not only make the air fresher, but also bring people a comfortable visual experience. Flowers and plants can also regulate our emotions and relieve our anxiety.

Our wireless charger vase is white, which is very beautiful with any kind of flowers.  It can be placed in the study, living room or bedroom.

The indicator light of our vase wireless charger is set to turn on and off when not in use.  In the home, the battery of the mobile phone will be charged as soon as it is discharged, and it is no longer necessary to look everywhere for the data cable.

This vase charger is very suitable for cafes, hotels, clubs and other high-end places.  Not only is it elegant to place on the table, but it also saves the space for installing wireless chargers.

This vase wireless charger is very suitable for cultivating hydroponic plants. It is not only easy to take care of, but also can absorb the heat generated when the charger is charged, which is safer.