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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Charging

2019-7-1      View:

Many people have a question, there are so many shortcomings in wireless charging, why are so many people still using wireless charging?
Before answering this question, let's take a look at the currently controversial shortcomings of wireless charging.
In fact, wireless charging has been used in electric toothbrushes and facial cleansers for a long time, but wireless charging for mobile phones has failed to make people feel good.  There are mainly the following problems.
The first problem is that the wireless charger is slow and unsafe to charge.
The contradiction between the heating problem in the electromagnetic conversion process and the unstable heating characteristics of lithium batteries makes the current wireless charging efficiency lower than that of wired charging. In the early wireless charging, the back of the mobile phone is often terribly hot after being picked up. Manufacturers also have to reduce the power of wireless charging, which also leads to the very slow charging speed of the mobile phone.
The second problem is that the charging base needs to be purchased additionally.
For the time being, the base of the wireless charger needs additional purchase, which is not within the range of accessories attached to the mobile phone. To experience the convenience of wireless charging, one should be placed in the bedroom, one in the living room, one in the car and one in the company. This is a huge cost.
The third problem is that many people are saying "I can't leave my cell phone at all".
Today's mobile phone manufacturers may not realize that for many people, mobile phones have become a part of their bodies. How can they play with mobile phones while charging on a charging base?  After all, many of us have time to play with our mobile phones while charging.  So this is very inconvenient.
After seeing the shortcomings, let's look at the advantages of wireless charging.
The first point is that for products that look dangerous, everyone must be concerned about safety. Although there is still a problem of fever in wireless charging, Xiaobian has not heard of the explosion of wireless charging for the time being. Of course, no news is good.  It shows that it is relatively safe.
The second point is that at first many mobile phones used wireless charging to protect the charging interface. After all, everyone had a deep understanding of how weak the data line was. In some aspects, it did slow down the damage of the charging interface. After all, our interface was seldom used after using wireless charging.
The third point is that lithium batteries have no memory effect, so once used and recharged, they will not have adverse effects on the batteries.  We can use the fragmented time to recharge.  It has no influence on our use of mobile phones and will not damage the battery of mobile phones.