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The Phone Can Be Fully Charged During a Meal, and Mom Need Not Worry Any More

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Sometimes, when you go out, your cell phone will often run out of power, and you always forget to bring your cell phone charging line, which is very embarrassing.  Every time I go out, my good mood will be disillusioned because my cell phone is short of power and I forget to bring my charging treasure.  The cell phone battery failed, I almost cried with anger.

Until one day we went shopping with our friends and saw a restaurant with simple decoration, quiet and atmospheric. We immediately decided to have a "close contact" with delicious food.

table embedded wireless charger case-1

Entering the restaurant, the interior decoration is simple and unique, retro and elegant, clean and natural, making people especially comfortable and at ease.  The bar was filled with freshly squeezed juice.

table embedded wireless charger case-2

table embedded wireless charger case-3

As soon as we sat down, we were attracted by the table top.  It seems that this restaurant not only has unique food, but also has a bright spot-the wireless charger embedded in the desktop, which can be charged while eating.

table embedded wireless charger case-4

table embedded wireless charger case-5

It is worth mentioning that the store has given a warm reminder. As for consumers whose mobile phones cannot support the wireless charging function, the store has provided a receiver for them to charge.  The boss also enthusiastically introduced two kinds of receiver, one is a thin wireless charger plugged into a mobile phone, and the other is a double-headed receiver.  With curiosity, I tried it out.  This is really very convenient!

table embedded wireless charger case-6

At the end of the meal, our cell phones were "full" on the table.  As a senior eater, I definitely want to evaluate it. This restaurant is not only cheap and reasonable in price, but also fresh in ingredients and clean in beef slices.  Moreover, the humanized design of wireless charging has even solved the trouble of diners. When going out, there is no need to worry about the lack of electricity on the mobile phone. Only a meal is needed. Not only can we supplement energy, but also the mobile phone can be fully charged with electricity.

table embedded wireless charger case-7

table embedded wireless charger case-8

table embedded wireless charger case-9

The head of Yixin Chuang Yan, the company responsible for launching the wireless charging facility, said that in fact the wireless charging station facility also provides a market for marketing opportunities.  He said that while consumers are using wireless charging facilities, they can also pay attention to the company's official WeChat and receive promotional tips from it.  In addition, their company has also been negotiating with several coffee chain stores, hotels, bars and even Internet cafes to add this facility.  It seems that the era of wire charging will probably be replaced by the fashionable wireless charging.  We don't have to bring charging treasure when we go out.


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