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Wireless Charging to Change Your Life

2019-5-9      View:

Do you often encounter the following troubles?
When I need to charge my phone, I don't know where the charging cable is.
There are security risks when charging the phone and talking at the same time.

The phone charging cable is intertwined with other cables to make the desktop messy.

I just left home and my phone is out of power.
With a mobile phone, there is no phone. With Bluetooth, there is no headphone cable. With wireless, there is no mouse cable; with WiFi, no cable... Why don't we allow our charger to not need a data cable?
It is not impossible to cancel the data line by wireless charging. Wireless charging is not a future technology. As one of the most promising technologies, wireless charging is getting better and better and more mature. Wireless charging will bring unlimited possibilities for our future smart life.
How far is wireless charging from our lives? In fact, wireless charging has arrived. The release of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S6 and Apple Apple watches has brought wireless charging to a climax. In the future, more mobile devices will support wireless charging.
Imagine this: go to the cafe and just charge your phone by placing your phone on the desktop. When working, all the electronic devices on the desktop can be charged without any cable; at home, the phone can be charged immediately on the wireless charger. No need to worry about losing data lines while charging. Don't worry about the danger of answering the phone while charging. Don't worry about running out of battery when you're out. When I go out, I don't need to carry a heavy charging treasure. Thinking about it is very exciting?